Linear Heat Detection System

SecuriSens ADW 535 Line-Type Heat Detector:  

Fire Detection under the Most Difficult Conditions.


  • The SecuriSens ADW 535 comes into its own where conventional fire detectors reach their physical limits. It copes well with both extreme temperatures and constantly high atmospheric humidity, whilst precise measurements are also possible when corrosive gases and contaminated air are present. The line-type heat detector comes with an intelligent signal evaluation, which offers a perfect combination of state-of-the-art sensors, processors and programming expertise. The result is effective fire protection with a minimum of effort.
  • Many fires cause sharp increases in ambient temperatures. When this happens, the volume of heated air expands. With the SecuriSens ADW 535 heat detector, Securiton uses this physical principle to its advantage. Air-filled sensing tubes are laid in the room to be monitored. If the temperature increases, then an electronic sensor registers the pressure increase of the air inside the tube. The cable terminal processor interprets these pressure increases and triggers an alarm immediately as soon as a defined limit has been exceeded.
  • Two sensing tubes (Double Tube) can be connected to the SecuriSens ADW 535. This means that the monitoring area is doubled and the system can be optimally adjusted according to the area and applicable installation guidelines. Dangers are detected quickly and reliably by each of the sensing tubes. Interventions can then be made efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy. Further advantages include the space savings and price.

Advantages of the SecuriSens ADW 535:

  • Non-stop monitoring thanks to line-type principle
  • Resistant to harsh outdoor conditions
  • Minimises maintenance thanks to fully automatic monitoring
  • Provides optimal response behaviour with rate-of-rise and maximum evaluation in any application
  • Offers a programmable pre-signal

SecuriSens ADW 535 – better measurement:

  • Configurable response behaviour
  • Resistant to external influences
  • Maximum utilisation of the available monitoring area thanks to Double Tube
  • VdS approval for EN 54-22, classes A1I, A2I, BI-GI and FM/UL
  • HDx (heavy-duty) version with ATEX approval available

Wherever you need it – the ADW 535 areas of Application

  • Vehicle storage halls, loading platforms
  • Road tunnels, underground/rail tunnels and cable
  • Tunnels
  • Food processing industry, industrial kitchens, bakeries
  • Alcohol processing, distilleries
  • Chemical industry, refineries, oil tanks
  • Paint shops
  • Waste incineration plants, plus many more