CO Detector

SecuriStar CCD 573x – The combined detector with additional CO Detection


The CCD 573X is a combined fire detector: The temperature- and CO-supported smoke sensor provides early detection of smouldering, glowing and open fires with smoke development. The smoke sensitivity adapts to the prevailing ambient conditions in the area.

The detector automatically regulates the smoke sensitivity based on the temperature and CO content (Cubus and Cubus+ levelling). The temperature sensor even detects fire with no smoke development when fires spread rapidly at high temperatures. The smoke detection system offers 2 programmable pre-signal stages. The temperature detection can be set to class A1, A2 or B, each combinable with the index S or R.

The CO cell detects the rise in carbon monoxide gas released during fires. The three criteria of smoke, heat and CO can be evaluated either independently or as combined algorithms for smoke and temperature or CO and temperature. Self-monitoring, two-stage contamination display and alarm threshold monitoring guarantee optimal operability.


  • Combined smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector according EN 54-5/7/26/29/30
  • Optimal sensitivity
  • False-alarm security through temperature supported smoke alarm evaluation (Cubus levelling) and temperature and carbon monoxide-supported smoke alarm evaluation (Cubus+ levelling)
  • Technical CO alarm according EN 50291-1
  • Adjustable technical CO pre-signal 20…320 ppm