Smoke and Heat Detector Ex-Proof


The MMD 130 Ex-i is an intrinsically safe, automatic fire detector for use in Ex zones 1 or 2. It can be configured as an optical smoke detector or as a rate-of-rise (differential) heat detector.
It is operated via the USB502-7Ex-i / USB502-8Ex-i detector base and Z787 / Z787F safety barrier on the fire detector line of the Securiton’s fire alarm system SecuriFire.

The fire detector line consists of the GTW direct current isolating transformer or Z787 / Z787F safety barrier as an interface between the explosion hazardous area and the safe area, the fire detector bases, and the actual fire detectors.

Depending on the configuration, the MMD 130 Ex-i fire detector can be used as a smoke- or heat detector in classes A1, A1S, A2, A2S as well as B and BS.