Linear Heat Detector Ex-Proof ATEX


The line type heat detector SecuriSens® ADW 535-1 ATEX provides new solution options for an early fire detection within potentially explosive zones. The areas of application for this special fire detector are extremely diverse. For instance, it is successfully used in works in the chemical industry, in drum storage facilities, paint shops and painting lines (e.g. in the automobile industry), underground mining as well as in many other application cases.

The line type heat detector SecuriSens® ADW 535-1 ATEX consists of a complete detection and evaluation unit (pneumatic and electric) for the intended use in explosive areas in zone 1 (category 2G) in accordance with the directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) as well as the sensing tube (SENSTUBE). In accordance with the existing ambient conditions, the sensing tube can
be made of copper, stainless steel or, in areas with aggressive components in the atmosphere, teflon.

The evaluation unit consists of a junction box with the EX tested and approved connecting terminals as well as the device housing with the evaluation electronics. The control and evaluation electronics include a signal processor for the differential pressure and absolute pressure measurement. Furthermore, an automatic testing system for automatic testing is an integral part of the evaluation electronics. For the configuration of the line type heat detector SecuriSens® ADW 535-1 ATEX, an Ethernet interface is located on the basic print.