Riser & Valves

Breaching Inlet:

Breaching inlets are suitable for installation on dry risers only, in a building for firefighting purposes.

The system is usually dry and charged by the fire brigade in an emergency cases. Breeching inlet valve is installed at ground level to provide a connection to the outsource water supply.

The body is casted from spheroidal graphite iron and the inlets are made of gunmetal and copper alloy parts with bronze spring, stainless steel locknut, washer, LPCB certified.

Inlet Type: 4″ x 2 Way Breeching Inlet & 6″ x 4 Way Breeching Inlet

Landing Valve:

Landing valve are suitable for installation on dry riser and wet riser in buildings for firefighting protection.

The landing valves are oblique type with flanged inlet and manufactured to comply to BS 5041 Part1 standard with delivery hose connection and blank cap complying with BS 336:2010 standard.

The landing valves are classified under low pressure and are suitable for use at nominal inlet pressure up to 15 bar.

Valve Type: Flanged Inlet & Threaded Inlet