Hose & Accessories

Double Jacket Hose:

Double jacket hose is constructed of 100% high tensile strength polyester yarns, both wrap and filler, and lined with a high-tech EPDM tube. Its engineered design guarantees minimum weight with maximum durability and flexibility. The UL Listed Double Jacket Fire Hose and its assemblies under this specifications shall be constructed with superior quality materials, manufactured in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1961 standard.

Available Color                  : White & Red

Single Jacket Hose:

Single jacket fire hose consists of an impermeable elastomeric lining, a synthetic fibre reinforcement and externally applied elastomeric coating to the reinforcement. Delivery hoses are non-percolating lay flat type used in firefighting purpose. Hoses are suitable for use with couplings with the requirements of BS 336:2010 standards. Hose is intended for use at working pressure not exceeding 15 bar.

Available Color                  : White & Red

Handheld Branch Pipe:

Hand-held branch pipe is made by combination of Aluminium and plastics. The branch pipe has male instantaneous coupling inlet. The operator has the options of spray/ jet and shut off functions.


  • Industrial and rural fire brigades as well as building protection.
  • For general industrial, commercial and civil engineering applications.
  • Ideal for Fire Departments and Professional Industry services.

Delivery Hose Coupling:

Couplings are suitable for use with delivery hose and for firefighting purposes. The delivery hose couplings are of instantaneous pattern, pull release type with ribbed tail and are manufactured to comply with BS 336:2010 standards.

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