DCP Fire Extinguishers

Portable Type Fire Extinguisher:

Dry Powder fire extinguisher contains ABC Dry Powder extinguishing agent and effective on Class A B C fires and it’s ideal for multi-risk fire.

Ready for instant use and simple to operate. High quality polyester paint and Controlled discharge. Brass nickel plated head valve with simple squeeze operation. Unique gauge testing system and Rechargeable and easy to service.

Kitemark / LPCB certified.

Extinguisher Capacity: 1 KG – 12 KG

Trolley Type Fire Extinguisher:

Trolley Type ABC Dry powder extinguishers are characterized by their high performance designed for large industrial.

They are suitable for multipurpose application of fires involving free burning materials, flammable liquids, flammable gases and electrical equipment. Strong and stylish wheel for smooth moving.

Effective for Class A, B, C & Electrical fire. Kitemark / LPCB certified.

Extinguisher Capacity: 25KG, 50KG & 100KG

Application: Houses, office, buildings, warehouses, farms, wood working area etc.